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Even if you’re a complete beginner and have never done freelance before. Did your profile get suspended? You apply for jobs but you haven’t heard back from the client? You don’t know what to include in an Upwork proposal?

Don’t Take My Word For It!

I have Helped 5000+ freelancers who are now earning, via working from home, with hours flexibility. Here are a few words from my students

Benefits to join

Upwork Profile Review

Once you have optimized your profile by watching the whole course, you can share your Upwork profile link for review. You will be given review in video based format so you can implement it accordingly!

Cover Letter Review

Sample proposals will be shared, along with 5 rules of cover letters structure. You will be able to quickly write cover letter for a job with in 2 mins. You don't need to copy paste to write a cover letter!

Private Community

We have two communities, Facebook one is open which anyone can join & Thinkific one which is a private community. That private community will be only accessible to those who are part of this Masterclass!

Skill & Speciality Selection

If you are just getting started and you have no idea about freelancing, We will help you to find out the best & highly paid skills. Along with that we will share resource from where you can start learning these skills.

Direct Access

I can understand that every freelancer will have it's own journey, You will have direct access to me in case you need extra help or stuck somewhere. We can go for live sessions to help you in mass level.

Conversion Rate Monitoring

Once you have optimized your profile and cover letters then you will start applying on job posts. We will help you to understand the conversion matrix & help you to scale to the next level.

Upwork Masterclass: Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Freelancing

Module 2: Master Your Upwork Profile

Module 3: Winning Job Proposal Writing

Module 4: Payoneer Complete Guide

Module 5: Master Upwork Agency Model

Module 6: Tips & Tricks Bonus

Join 5,000+ Successful Freelancers


Upwork Masterclass is for anyone serious about growing their Upwork profile as fast as humanly possible while retaining massive profit margins and customer success. This Upwork Masterclass will help you to fix the following pain points & give you financial freedom.

Join 5,000+ Successful Freelancers

My Story Isn't Different Than Yours

My story shows:

Struggle pays off. I have heard it but never thought I would face it like this! Years ago the same day I was frustrated and was struggling to the extreme I was working 18 hours a day plus studying at university.

I was not getting anything in return. For a while I was depressed but then a miracle happened to me, yes it was kind of a miracle for me.

I got my first project for $200 at Upwork.
6 years back on the same day, while writing this I am still thinking of those days and how happy I was that day when I got the return of my struggle and hardships.

Now Alhamdulillah, I am the stage where I am helping others to make it through it and helping them so that they don’t face those days which was my destiny.


Join 5,000+ Successful Freelancers

The Original Price Of The Workshop Is 10,000 Rs. But If You Choose To Take Action In The Next 15 Minutes Then You Can Get It For 2,500 Rs. Only.

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Join 5,000+ Successful Freelancers

Having Questions? 🙌

My aim is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the course content and what to expect.

What is an Upwork Masterclass Online Course?

What is Upwork Masterclass Community?

What topics are covered in the course?

Who can enroll in this course?

How long is the course?

Where we will see the course?

Is there a certification after completing the course?

When we can start the course?

Can we share our profile for review?

Can we share our cover letters for review?

Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?
What is the payment procedure?

I have submitted the payment but haven't received access

Will the course be updated regularly?

LET'S Do The Math...

How much can earn easily on your own?

Let’s take an example of a person who can only work with Google sheet

VA rate per hour
Working days per week 
Working hours per day
Weekly payment 
Monthly payment 
USD Rate

5 Days
5 Hours


PKR 226,975.00

We’re only a small fraction of that AND WE HAVE A GUARANTEE

Join 5,000+ Successful Freelancers

We Helped Sajwal Go From $0 / Month To $5,000 / Month In 6 Months 

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